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BOLD was born from the convergence of three key forces: a leading vision of the future; a unique and valuable network of experts and practitioners supporting that vision; and, a seasoned team of investment professionals capable of executing investments around that vision.

Areas of Interest

The pace of technological change is only accelerating and will continue to provide a rich and changing spectrum of investment opportunities. And, while we will always seek to back unique entrepreneurial talent, we also believe there are a number of significant mega-trends that will shape our lives over the next twenty years.

Trillion Sensor Explosion will yield Radical Transparency – Knowing anything, anytime, anywhere:  We believe that an explosion of sensors, 1 trillion by the end of 2020, and up to 100 trillion by 2030 will allow one to know anything, anytime.  BOLD looks for companies that will make use of these massive dataset to deliver extraordinary insights to consumers and businesses—be it in health, productivity, mobility, or energy management.

8 Billion People Connected @ Gigabit Connection Speeds: We believe that in the next 4 – 6 years, 5G, Google Loon, Oneweb, Starlink and others will be connecting 4 billion new consumers to the global internet (taking us from 4 billion to 8 billion connected consumers).  These 4 billion “rising billion” will all want financial services, insurance, education, healthcare.  They will all want it without middlemen, and a marginally zero cost.  BOLD looks for companies to serve this rising billion.

Explosion of the AR/VR World: The next 5 to 10 years will see a redefinition of the worlds of entertainment, education, training and the management of complex human collaborations—whether it be social or productivity oriented. BOLD looks for companies that will define the platforms of this dynamically changing interaction medium.

Increased Longevity & Vitality:  We believe that the combination of AI, genome sequencing technology, DNA editing technology, stem cell technologies, sensors and big data will allow us to add 10 – 30 years to the healthy human lifespan.  BOLD looks for companies that have a unique approaches to this multi-trillion dollar marketplace.

This is the world of BOLD.


A leading vision of the future: Dr. Peter Diamandis, a General Partner of BOLD, has proven to be a beacon for bold entrepreneurs seeking to change the world; corporate executives navigating exponential times; and, technologists working on their next major breakthrough. The vision of BOLD, best represented through Peter’s two New York Times best-selling books, Abundance and Bold, outlines an optimistic vision of the future and a guide to the resources at one’s disposal to build that future. After receiving a Masters in Aeronautics from MIT and a MD from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Diamandis is credited for opening the private space industry. He has co-founded 20+ companies including:  XPRIZE Foundation, Human Longevity Inc., Celularity and Singularity University (SU).

A unique and valuable network: Since 2007, Singularity University (“SU”) has been the leading authority on exponential technologies impacting the world. SU has created one of Silicon Valley’s largest exponential ecosystems. And, with one of the world’s leading faculty and over 4,000 global alumni, SU boasts a massive network of influential players. Similarly, XPRIZE has created a valuable ecosystem around entrepreneurs seeking to solve humanities grand challenges. BOLD’s partnership with both those organizations allows the fund to uniquely benefit from almost a decade’s worth of connections, brand building and proprietary research.

A seasoned team: Bringing the vision and network together into a unique investment platform is a seasoned team of managers. In addition to Peter, the general partners of BOLD include Teymour Boutros-Ghali, Emilio Diez Barroso, and Neal Bhadkamkar. With a long and successful investment track record (including founding several successful startups) this team provides the necessary experience to evaluate and nurture transformative opportunities. It is this combination of vision, network and team that defines BOLD.