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Emilio Diez Barroso

Emilio is an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who is deeply committed to alleviating suffering in the world. He is a general partner at Bold and is also the Chairman of NALA Investments, a private family office with global holdings across various asset classes. He was previously managing director of Corporacion Triangulo in Mexico City and currently sits on numerous for profit and nonprofit boards including UCLA TFT and UCSD Health.

Areas of Interest

Wellness, Finance, Mental Health, Psychology and Education

What technology’s potential over the next 10 years most excites you?
It is the capacity to leverage brain plasticity to alleviate suffering.

Who has most influenced your thinking and why?
Byron Katie. She invited me to question every assumption.

What attributes do you look for in an entrepreneur?
Grit. Integrity. Awareness. Capacity to take full responsibility for how they show up. Open minded. Collaborative. Growth oriented.

What skill would you like to learn?
Flying. Handstands.