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Peter Diamandis

A General Partner of BOLD, Peter has proven to be a beacon for bold entrepreneurs seeking to change the world; corporate executives navigating exponential times; and, technologists working on their next major breakthrough. The vision of BOLD, best represented through Peter’s two New York Times best-selling books, Abundance and Bold, outlines an optimistic vision of the future and a guide to the resources at one’s disposal to build that future. After receiving a Masters in Aeronautics from MIT and a MD from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Diamandis is credited for opening the private space industry. He has co-founded 20+ companies including: XPRIZE Foundation, Human Longevity Inc., Celularity, Inc. and Singularity University (SU).

Areas of Interest

Longevity (extending the human healthspan); Inspiring & guiding Entrepreneurs to think exponentially and solve global grand challenges; Opening the commercial space frontier, specifically through property and resource rights in space.

What technology’s potential over the next 10 years most excites you?
I’m more excited about the convergence of exponential technologies rather than any single tech. It’s the combination of AI + Robotics + VR + etc. that will yield new business models and transform industries. If I had to pick one, of course it would be Artificial Intelligence. It is hard for me to believe that anything else will be more impactful this next decade. But I’m a tech junky, so I get thrilled by the idea of combining 5G+VR/AR+AI… as well as AI + Genomics/CRISPR… this next decade is going to be quite a ride!

Who has most influenced your thinking and why?
That would be Ray Kurzweil, my co-Founder of Singularity University. The first half of my professional life was 200% focused on space and influenced by Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein, Gene Roddenberry and the Apollo Astronauts. But the second half of my life has been about exponential technologies and solving the world’s greatest challenges, and it is here that Ray, his writings and philosophy has been so meaningful to me. I’m greatful to call him a close friend, co-founder and mentor.

What attributes do you look for in an entrepreneur?
Absolute passion for what they are doing. A grounding in reality and first-principal thinking, married with clear understanding of what is possible. I would also add a dosage of “mono-maniacal thinking”.

What skill would you like to learn?
I would love to learn how to reach the deepest levels of meditation. I also think mind-reading, teleportation and flying like Superman would be a blast!