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Will Borthwick

Will is a Principal at BOLD. Previously, Will worked at Marlin Equity Partners, a software and technology-focused private equity firm. Prior to that, Will worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley where he participated in several mergers & acquisitions and strategic advisory assignments. Will graduated with a BA in Economics with a minor in American Studies from Stanford University.

Areas of Interest

AI/Machine Learning/Big Data, Advanced Manufacturing, Blockchain, Supply Chain, Imaging & Diagnostic Tools, and AR/VR.

What technology’s potential over the next 10 years most excites you?
Autonomous vehicles. The ability to be transported anytime, anywhere without needing human intervention will transform urban areas and unlock massive amounts of free time / human capital.

Who has most influenced your thinking and why?
Harold and the Purple Crayon – taught me from a very early age about the importance of imagination and how you can create your own reality.

What attributes do you look for in an entrepreneur?
Passion, drive, and will to succeed despite all odds and obstacles.

What skill would you like to learn?
Getting better at public speaking. I also still need to learn how to snap.